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Ongoing marriage care as you need it!

House On The Rock In-Person Counseling by Appointment...

Real impacting personal care when you need it!

Marriage in need of Refreshing?

For some time now you and your mate have been drifting slowly apart. You’re feeling very distant and alone and you can’t seem to move past the wounds and disappointments your hearts have endured in the past. You long for a great marriage but nothing you try seems to be working. You need help from a biblical Christian resource that understands, is experienced, compassionate and successful. But your schedule is limited and you need help on a recurring basis at times that will work for you. For over 20 years House On The Rock biblical Christian marriage counseling has helped couples just like you find the way to inhabit God’s promises for your marriage.

Time for Marriage Counseling by Appointment!

Often couples who turn to House On The Rock for biblical marriage counseling have busy schedules with limited time availability. These couples may prefer to choose weekly or biweekly 2 hr. appointments, instead of our concentrated deep healing retreat format. Typically, 3 out of 4 couples that receive their relational care by appointment experience the same life changing impact as those who participate in a marriage healing retreat format.

House On The Rock...

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