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If you’re struggling to find healing for your own broken heart or a biblically sound makeover for your struggling marriage, we have good news for you! Recently we have implemented a new Video Counseling Online ministry. This new resource is a wonderful way to receive God’s healing ministry care for your broken heart, life and marriage relationship.

Video Counseling Online makes it easy for you to connect with the One Heart Counseling Ministry offered by House On The Rock. If you’re busy schedule makes it inconvenient or if you live too far away to make in-person appointments Video Counseling Online is a perfect solution.  Many have found the convenience, comfort, personal touch and ease of scheduling to be a great blessing, making One Heart Counseling truly accessible to them!

House On The Rock can arrange morning, afternoon and evening sessions, (subject to availability) Monday through Friday 9am to 9pm. To schedule your first Video Counseling Online ministry session just click the counseling request button below.

House On The Rock Video Counseling Online brings God’s anointed an highly effective One Heart Counseling right to you through your personal device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) and at a time and location you choose. You receive the effective ministry care you’re looking for in the most convenient and time-saving way possible!

We send you the link you need to make the connection and forward some preliminary paperwork for you to complete before your appointment begins. That way we can begin to give you the One Heart Counseling care you’re longing for in your very first session!

Your Video Counseling Online sessions will last 90 minutes and no prepayment is required. We do ask you to give a donation of $60 to help us in furthering God’s vital mission for House On The Rock Ministries all over the world. We do have sponsorships available, for those who are unable to make a full contribution. You may submit a Sponsorship Request the same time you make your Counseling Appointment request.

Need quick easy access to One Heart Counseling?

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Receive the One Heart Counseling you need right where you are!

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