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One Heart Counseling Training

House On The Rock is very excited to announce the development and launch of our One Heart Counseling Training. This is a most powerful and unique counseling training opportunity! We enthusiastically encourage all who are called by God for counseling ministry to the brokenhearted to experience and be blessed through this amazing training.

Are you a Timothy (2 Tim 2:2) called by God to share the life giving relational truths of Jesus Christ with the brokenhearted? Then this adventure is for you! At One Heart Counseling Training you will receive God'’s powerful plan for helping brokenhearted people and couples find...…

  • what the heart is and how essential it is to life and relationships!

  • the destructive impact broken hearts have on relationships!

  • how the heart is wounded and the false beliefs that are usually treasured as a result!

  • believe and receive God’s powerful life giving truth to mend and heal every broken heart!

  • how to seek, find, believe and claim God’s fullness and promises for life and marriage!

  • the miraculous heart transforming keys Jesus has given to us!

  • how to communicate with understanding and caring!

  • true peace and joy to relate out of freedom and fullness instead of need!

  • how to guard a newly healed heart and continue to claim new ground!

You can have House On The Rock bring our amazing new One Heart Counseling Training to your church or Christian organization. Just take a few minutes and listen to the great testimonies (below) from some of our One Heart Counseling Training Timothys!


Click button below for information and details about hosting a One Heart Counseling Training.

“I will give them one heart” Ez 11:19

Learning to Counsel from the Heart of God

House On The Rock...

One Heart Training

One Heart Training

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