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One of the great discoveries we have found about our amazing God is how He delights to show us His incredible power to transform hearts. Surely He has done so “exceedingly abundantly” for the 4 sensational weeks of House On The Rock was presenting One Heart Counseling Training in Tanzania during our 2013 Africa Timothy Project!

Truly one of the best ways for you to enjoy experiencing the transformations God brought forth is by watching some of the wonderful video testimonies shot during our One Heart Counseling Trainings. These are so powerful and reveal the miraculous transforming impact of God on these beautiful Tanzanian Timothys. As God was healing their broken hearts and changing them from the inside out He was also preparing them to carry on His healing ministry of One Heart counseling to the broken hearted. You will find some of these wonderful testimonies in the video carousel below!

House On The Rock Ministries

2013 Tanzania Timothy Project

Kilimanjro region, Tanzania - East Africa



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