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A warm heartfelt thanks goes to our dear friends pastor Glorious and Josephine Shoo and the staff of the Kilimanjro TAG district, New Life Foundation and Uzima Africa. Their undying zeal to reach broken hearts and relationships throughout Tanzania is a priceless blessing to HRM and to the Kingdom of God! Without the tireless efforts of these treasured friends to organize, promote, recruit and coordinate all the trainings none of the amazing miracles we witnessed could have happened and the boundless new potential for One Heart Counseling to continue transforming hearts, lives and relationships throughout Tanzania wouldn’t exist!

Here are some highlights of the amazing things God did during my time in Tanzania…


  • HRM presented 8 incredibly anointed One Heart Counseling Trainings!

  • HRM trained nearly 600 One Heart Timothys in Tanzania!

  • I preached on 3 occasions, sowing God’s life changing truth into 200 hearts!

  • Many new One Heart Counseling Training revisions and additions were introduced!

  • We distributed English and Kiswahili versions of the One Heart Counseling Training manual TZ Timothys

  • We shot 40gb of amazing video testimonies from healed, changed and transformed Timothys

  • HRM’s TZ aftercare and encouragement network for One Heart Counselors more than doubled

  • Began prayerfully considering advanced One Heart Counseling Trainings for several anointed and called Timothys from each Kilimanjaro district church and ministry

  • HRM was asked to write a new aftercare book to be translated and made available to each person who receives heart healing ministry from a One Heart Counselor in Tanzania!

House On The Rock Ministries

2013 Tanzania Timothy Project

Kilimanjro region, Tanzania - East Africa

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