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resources to help you and your marriage!

Steppingstones to Intimacy

This is a wonderful resource to help you see the God's pathway from isolation to intimacy in your marriage. This is the pathway we encourage couples to discover through House On The Rock counseling ministry and walk together in their marriage. To view this great resource in .pdf click here

Communicating Heart to Heart

This great resource will help you learn or grow in your skill to focus on understanding when you communicate. You can download both the instructions and the actual heart card we use to train couples in this important skill through our counseling ministry at House On The Rock!

Registration information for One Heart training events

Would you would like to join us for a One Heart Counseling Training event! To receive registration information for an upcoming One Heart training event just click on the .pdf icons below. Hope you will be able to join us for one of these amazing training events!

This section still under development - Coming Soon!

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