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Sure you're ready for marriage?

Let HRM help you prepare!

Your Marriage is Priceless, be Sure You Prepare Well!

You'’re engaged or considering marriage and you want to prepare for your life together before you say "“I do."” You need help to be sure you have the right foundation, needed skills and commitment to build a lifelong marriage together. You also need a realistic assessment of every area of your relationship to discover what'’s working and what needs to improve. Good news, you are looking in the right place! House On The Rock has helped scores of couples successfully prepare for a beautiful thriving marriage.

Premarital Preparation Counseling by Appointment

Preparing for your marriage is one of the most important and rewarding investments you will ever make. Since 1990 House On The Rock Ministries has provided excellent, biblically based, heart focused, Christ centered premarital preparation counseling. Scores of couples have received the vital relational skills, biblical marriage truths, deep heart revelation and enduring foundation they need for a joy filled lifelong marriage.

House On The Rock Premarital Counseling...

a priceless investment in your future!

House On The Rock...

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