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Who will be our counselor?

John Kiehl, cofounder of House On The Rock, has provided biblical Christian marriage counseling and encouragement by appointment for over 30 years. God has surely blessed this mode of relational care ministry with many hundreds of saved, restored or transformed marriages.

What couples typically receive...

          ~ Biblical heart focused covenant based counseling for your marriage

          ~ Impact filled 2hr. sessions arranged to your schedule, as many and frequently as you need

          ~ God’s transformation plan to create a vibrant, thriving, lifelong marriage together

          ~ Understanding of roadblocks to oneness in marriage and how to remove them

          ~ New effective skills to communicate with understanding, resolve conflicts, confront in

             love and uncover your deeply hidden heart treasure

          ~ Excellent marriage counseling and instruction from a gifted and passionate biblical

          ~ Christian counselor with proven success in helping couples for over 30 years

          ~ A priceless marriage building manual packed with God’s powerful marriage principles,

             insights, wisdom and helpful interactive resources.

How do we begin?

Thank you for your courage and commitment to save or renew your marriage! If you’'re looking for heart focused, Christ centered, biblical truth based Christian marriage counseling House On The Rock is a perfect resource! Just click on the counseling request button below to begin your healing journey. If you have questions or want prayer you can include them when you complete the form. Or, if you like, you can phone us at the number below.

What is the cost?

House On The Rock Ministries does not charge a mandatory hourly rate for biblical Christian counseling by appointment. Rather, we consider what it costs HRM to provide counseling and ask you to make a donation to help fund the quality relational care you receive. It costs HRM approximately$60 for each hour of biblical Christian marriage or premarriage counseling we provide. We ask participants to consider this cost and make a donation to help cover it after each session. If you cannot afford to contribute the entire amount then we ask you to make the largest donation you can.


Please note that your donation, up to the suggested amount, is not tax deductible because you are receiving biblical Christian marriage counseling in conjunction with it. Donations given over the suggested amount are tax deductible and will be deeply appreciated! Your extra generosity helps us provide relational care for other needy couples! You will receive a year end receipt from House On The Rock Ministries for these tax deductible gifts.

What else is required?

Before your first appointment you will be required to take the online PREPARE/ENRICH relational assessment inventory. This is a nationally recognized, confidential, relational assessment questionnaire. After confirming your appointment, HRM will provide you with login information you need to complete the assessment. You can pay the $35.00 per couple assessment scoring fee online as soon as you login.

God has led you to the right resource! Just click the counseling request button below to begin your healing journey. Just complete the request form, along with any questions or prayer requests you may have, and hit SEND! Or, If you like, you can also contact us by phone.

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