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You need innovative, effective, concentrated Marriage Care!

It’s about Time... for Restoration! provides an innovative highly effective alternative to appointment counseling. This comprehensive marriage intervention format offers many great advantages. You receive effective in-depth relational care in one concentrated time frame. You get heart focused care and encouragement from a dedicated, compassionate and gifted biblical Christian counselor. You escape the distractions of your usual routine and get away to a peaceful environment where you can engage deeply in your seeking and healing journey. It is very cost effective and time efficient when compared to extensive appointment sessions. Best of all, God consistently uses It’s About Time… for Restoration! in a miraculous way to transform hearts, lives and marriages! To register for your It’s About Time… for Restoration! deep healing journey just click on the IATR request button below.

What is the It’s About Time… for Restoration! experience like?

Couples typically begin their IATR journey in deep relational need or critical trauma; many are at or near the point of divorce. After completing a preliminary online assessment and relational history we arrange a peaceful comfortable setting for them to begin their healing journey. During their 3 day 2 night deep seeking experience couples receive up to 20 hours of heart focused relational counseling and understanding. Throughout their healing journey they are immersed in God’s heart mending truths and transforming principles for life and marriage.

Through It’s About Time!… for Restoration! you can experience...

          * A new foundation for your marriage based on God'’s life giving relational truth

          * God’s perfect intention and promise for your lives and marriage

          * A new way of communicating with wisdom and understanding

          * Learning to relate out of fullness instead of need

          * A life story search to discover how your heart was wounded

          * An eye opening inventory of what’s actually treasured in your heart

          * How to reclaim your heart using Jesus’ amazing Kingdom keys

          * Healing from heart wounds others have sown on you, and you have sown on others

          * Real transformation for your heart, life and marriage

          * Heart guarding skills to help each other keep your heart steadfast

          * Seeking skills to continue making life changing discoveries together


What does It'’s About Time!… for Restoration cost?

House On The Rock Ministries charges $650 per couple for the preparation, ministry presentations and up to 20 hrs. of biblical Christian marriage counseling we provide during your IATR experience. The cost of meals, accommodation and travel is paid by the participating couple. We work with you to arrange a comfortable, peaceful, undistracted setting for your IATR healing experience. In addition your online PREPARE/ENRICH relational assessment (a most useful resource to aid your seeking process) has a fee of $35.00 (per couple) paid online before you begin.

Typical Results?

Although no counselor or ministry can guarantee miracles the results God brings forth through It’s About Time… for Restoration! retreat experiences have been phenomenal. Nearly every couple believes they have received a completely new foundation for their marriage. They learn new skills to help them utilize vital biblical principles in their relationship. Most importantly, they discover God’s life changing relational truths, treasure them in their hearts and their marriage is transformed. If you, or couples you know, are seeking truly unique and effective relational care for your marriage, God has led you to the right resource! Just click the IATR request button below to begin your healing journey. Just complete the request form, along with any questions or prayer requests you may have, and hit SEND! Or, If you like, you can also contact us by phone.

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