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We are deeply grateful to pastor Getahun Tesema and the staff of Bright Hope Organization who opened their hearts to receive God’s gift of One Heart Counseling and to excitedly begin sharing it throughout all of Ethiopia! Without the tireless efforts of these priceless friends in Ethiopia to organize, promote, recruit and coordinate this incredible training none of the amazing miracles we witnessed could have happened and the boundless new potential for One Heart Counseling to continue transforming hearts, lives and relationships throughout Ethiopia wouldn't exist!

Here are some of the highlights of the miraculous things God did in Ethiopia...

  • HRM presented an incredibly amazing 4 day One Heart Counseling Training!

  • This was our first training opportunity ever offered in Ethiopia!

  • Over 190 Timothys seminary students, pastors, teachers and ministry leaders were trained and equipped through this one tremendous training event.

  • We trained Timothys from 31 different denominations from throughout Ethiopia!

  • Over 16 gb of miraculous testimonies were videoed throughout the training!

  • God did many amazing miracles of healing broken hearts, lives, relationships and bodies!

  • Every Timothy received the new Amharic translation of HRM’s One Heart Training Manual

  • Pastor Getahun said each of these One Heart manual s will be copied over 200,000 times spreading quickly to reach new Timothys all over Ethiopia!

House On The Rock Ministries

2013 Africa Timothy Project

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Northern Africa

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