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What couples typically receive...

          * A biblical covenant based foundation for your marriage

          * Learn how to create a vibrant, thriving, lifelong marriage together

          * Learn the roadblocks to oneness in marriage and how to avoid them

          * Learn new relational skills to communicate with understanding, resolve

             conflicts, confront in love and uncover your deeply hidden heart treasure

          * Twelve hours of deeply impacting marriage preparation in six sessions

          * Excellent marriage training and instruction from a gifted and passionate Biblical

            Christian counselor successfully preparing couples for marriage for over 30 years

         * A complete Marriage Preparation manual packed with enduring scriptural marriage

            principles, insights, wisdom and helpful resources

What is the cost?

Many couples spend extravagantly on their wedding but little or nothing on preparing for their marriage. At House On The Rock you will find proven, effective, affordable marriage preparation counseling. We ask you to commit to a minimum of six 2 hour sessions that can be scheduled once a week or bi-weekly. We ask you for a donation to House On The Rock Ministries of $60 per hour for the excellent marriage preparation counseling, teaching and training you will receive. Couples who absolutely cannot afford this donatin amount can request special arrangements. We strive to always provide you with a quality heart focused, truth based, Christ centered, biblically sound foundation for a lifelong marriage together!

We also ask you to complete an online Premarital Relationship Inventory before we begin. This is an excellent resource that helps to show your relationship strength areas and those you need to grow in. The cost for this Inventory is $35.00 per couple and is paid online as you login to complete the assessment.

How do we begin?

We appreciate your interest in preparing well for your marriage. If you'’re looking for heart focused, biblically based, skills building, Christ centered marriage training and preparation, House On The Rock is a perfect resource! Just click on the counseling request button below to begin your preparation journey. You can also use this request for to ask any questions. Or, you can also just phone and we will be happy to assist you!

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