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House On The Rock Ministries

2005 Russia Timothy Project

St. Petersburg – Russia

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  • We presented complete training tracks with days of Marriage Ministry, Counseling and Family Camp training and equipping!

  • Our student Timothys were 44 Christian Camping leaders from 30 different Christian Camps located throughout the former Soviet Union!

  • These trainings were videotaped, duplicated and shared with many leaders who were unable to personally attend this vital groundbreaking training!

  • Our To Love & Cherish marriage curriculum and Building Our House On The Rock family camp presentation were translated into Russian and distributed to eager Christian camping leaders!

  • We counseled with many Christian Camping leaders seeking God’s supernatural healing for their broken hearts!

  • during the 2005 camping season 19 different Russian Christian camps began marriage ministry and family programs!

  • HRM’s first Timothy Project was an amazing success. We witnessed incredible hunger, excitement and confidence that God would use this training to bring about many beautiful relational miracles!

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